Welcome to The Welch Martial Art Experience — Fitness Concepts Empowering Life (TWE).  At the core of our program is Martial Fitness® – a holistic training method that systemically addresses the overall health imperative to harmonize exercise, nutrition and techniques to achieve heightened emotional and spiritual well being.  We target improvements in flexibility, balance, strength, heart rate, endurance…and, yes, we have fun in the process.  It is our belief that, for most of us, fitness potential has been unrealized not because it has been hidden, but merely dormant. Let us help you wake it up!

We uniquely challenge and inspire you to achieve those personal fitness goals which may have eluded you up to now. Of course we incorporate martial art methods in our program, but those who have no experience or feel they have no interest in martial art need not be discouraged from training with us. On the other hand, those who have a background in martial art can look forward to expanding their experience beyond solely self-defense related benefits.  Also, our program is customizable to accommodate all fitness levels – from the rank beginner searching for an unintimidating taking off point to improve their health, conditioning and appearance, to the long time exerciser open to a nontraditional fitness alternative that goes beyond mere sets and reps with dead weight.

Without a doubt, we all have personal challenges we wish to overcome.  We help you navigate this fundamental human journey. TWE’s founder, whom you will learn about in the next section, has spent an entire generation researching, experimenting with, and practicing fitness, self defense, health defense, and martial art techniques to arrive at his proven training philosophy. We hope you – martial art enthusiasts, business teams, professional or amateur athletes, small groups or individuals — decide to begin your journey with us to unlock your true potential.

Now that you have taken the first step by visiting our website, contact us to find out how TWE can help you Become the Change You Seek.*

(*) “Become the change you seek” was paraphrased from a message by Mahatma Gandhi to his admirers and adherents.