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The Welch Martial Art Experience (TWE) studio opened in October 2007 in Atlanta, GA. Despite the US economic crisis, Sule had the vision and confidence to follow his passion. After 12 years of Fortune 100 corporate experience in banking and consumer products, earning a Master's Degree in Marketing from the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University and the untimely death of his mentor during his last corporate position in 2004, Sule was compelled to change his path and share the values and benefits of martial art training with others.

Over 20 years of martial art study and business experience, at that time, uniquely positioned Sule to enter the Atlanta market. In 2010 TWE relocated from Atlanta to Smyrna, GA for 3 years. As more students enrolled TWE searched for the ideal space and community fit and transitioned to a home-based business. Upon finding available commercial space, TWE relocated to Sandy Springs, GA, expanded TWE Juniors Martial Art program and launched Balanced Motion 501(c)(3). Amidst another crisis (2020-2021 COVID-19 pandemic) and working to identify real estate development opportunities, Sule & Cecily Welch rose to the challenge to now only consolidate but also relocate their respective entrepreneurial ventures to Westside in Historic Vine City. This new chapter has allowed for further expansion, new offerings and new instructor talent to the team!

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About The
WELCH Experience

Get to know us

The Welch Experience's mission is to TRAIN (Teach, Research, Apply, Inspire, Nurture) people on the benefits of martial art training for healthy living. Today TWE offers a comprehensive Juniors Martial Art (TWE Juniors) program, small group and private adult martial art classes.

Coach Sule

Certified Fitness Trainer and Founder

Sule Konata Welch was born into a family of educators and small business owners who practiced activity-based learning and made healthy food choices a priority, before Vegan or Plant-Based was cool. The Welch family spent hours cooking, playing outdoors & indoors and weight lifting, leading Sule and his brother to become student-athletes (soccer, gymnastics, diving & martial art) and community leaders.

Currently Sule (a.k.a. Sifu, Guro, Professor, Instructor and Coach) has earned multiple teaching certifications from a variety of elite Martial Art experts: Hapkido (USKC - Master John K. Thomas), Wing Chun Kung Fu (Sifu Francis Fong), Filipino Martial Art & Jeet Kune Do (Guro Dan Inosanto), Capoeira (Mestre Muriel), Tai Chi (Dr. Paul Lam), and a Yellow Glove in Boxe Francaise Savate as a member of CABFS (California Association of Boxe Francaise Savate founded by the late Professor Salem Assli).

Realizing not everyone wants a black belt but everyone wants to be strong and healthy, ‘Coach Sule’ developed programs for non-martial artists: “Martial Fitness®” the ‘Fight For Your Health’ featured on “Atlanta’s Biggest Loser – Mom’s Edition on 11-Alive WSBTV,” and “Martial Fitness® with Coach Sule’ on AIB TV, ” and his “Capoeira for Active Adults” DVD series.

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