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Discovering Our Own Truth...

We (humans) are complex in our behavioral nature due to our need for connection as well as our desire for independence. Though we all may share common events and circumstances that shape our lives, each is unique because we are ALL unique. One persons life changing epiphany may only graze the surface of another persons consciousness. As a result, each of us is drawn to different paths that impact our personal truth at any time.

If you have ever felt the burning desire to intervene when you see another human slowly and painfully forging a difficult path, ask yourself to empathize with their need to grow and make their own way. If the person seeks your advice, give it without hesitation or conditions. Feel free to share your path with empathy. Or, allow them space to make their own mistakes, enjoy the process of learning ahead, and offer to celebrate their wins as their truth appears.

The temptation to fix, direct or redirect the journey of another is a habit for social creatures. An overactive ego convinces us our path is true and may drive us to desire control over people and situations. But each person is entitled to seek their path in life. When we celebrate those paths and encourage the people navigating them, we enjoy the privilege of watching them grow, while reinforcing our dedication to diversity, independence, freedom and individuality.

“We are all climbing different paths through the mountain of life and we have all experienced much hardship and strife, there are many paths through the mountain of life and some climbs can be felt like the point of a knife. Some paths are short and others are long, who can say which path is right or wrong? The beauty of truth is that each path has its own song and if you listen closely you will find where you belong. So climb your own path true and strong but respect all others truths for your way for them could be wrong.” – Dan Inosanto

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