WING CHUN (wi'ng-ch-un - "Beautiful Springtime")


This southern Chinese martial art system was created by a woman (a buddhist nun) and provides simple techniques that take a lifetime to master.  The fundamental training emphasizes body position, sensitivity, flexibility, and emphasize leverage vs. strength.  The emphasis placed on body control, sensitivity, relaxation, leverage, and economy of motion, not only enhance self awareness but make this system very effective for practical self defense in the hands of a trained practitioner.

Our founder and Sifu, Sule K. Welch, is a certified Full Instructor by Sifu Francis Fong, an active affiliate of the Francis Fong Instructors Association, and only certified FFIA Wing Chun instructor in the Sandy Springs area. Sifu Fong is considered, by many, to be one of the best Wing Chun instructors in the art today, Sifu Welch still actively trains with him on a regular basis. We strongly encourage anyone seeking Wing Chun instruction to check the Instructors credentials and lineage.