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Bruce Lee incorporated various techniques from a variety of systems (i.e. Wing Chun, Northern & Southern Mantis, Choy Li Fut, Eagle Claw, Boxing, Wrestling, Fencing, Judo, Jiujitsu, Savate and Northern & Southern Chinese kicking systems) to express and created his Jeet Kune Do (J.K.D.). As an innovator martial art researcher and fighter his personal path led to a philosophy of combat that has sustained its relevance on a global scale. JKD is the art and philosophy of the late Sijo (Founder) Bruce Lee (a.k.a. Lee Jun Fan). Thanks to the tireless exploration, research, teachings of Sijo Bruce Lee and his protege Sifu Dan Inosanto the system continues to grow across a global instructor network who share the material and have evolved the curriculum. The training methods focus on ranges of combat (Kicking, Punching, Trapping, Grappling), incorporate blunt (stick, cane, staff), edged (knife, sword) and flexible (scarf, flail, rope) weaponry for personal protection and self improvement. The techniques personally used by Bruce Lee are referred to as Jun Fan Gung Fu to express his Jeet Kune Do. As a certified Instructor of the International Inosanto Martial Art Instructor Association Sifu Welch has developed his personal expression of JKD into a Phase program to help you discover and express your J.K.D….are you ready to Become The Change You Seek?


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  • August 25, 2022


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