This Filipino system is a comprehensive weapon based art that exposes students to a number of tools for self-defense.  The reflex and muscle memory training that are involved also build attributes that can be applied to without weapons making it extremely effective for self defense attribute training.  Other systems and common names that are part of this indigenous art from Filipino and South East Asian culture include ESKRIMA ‘es-scream-ah’, SILAT ‘see-laht’, KUNTAO ‘koon-tahw’ all deliver  ways to to develop awareness, dexterity, physical and mental stamina as well.  Kali training methods incorporate drills for the left and right side of the brain and body simultaneously.  These methods offer great tools to improve hand/eye coordination, balance and total motor skills. The use of various weapons in training enhance grip and forearm strength and range of motion in the joints of the arms and shoulders. The rhythmic flow drills of Kali quickly enhance reflex timing and relaxed speed in movement. The fluid nature of the system makes it very valuable for keeping all the joints in the upper and lower body loose and open.

TWE’s head instructor Guro Sule K. Welch is a Certified Instructor under Magulang Na Guro Dan Inosanto, who is considered one of the foremost authorities on Filipino Kali in the world. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about how we incorporate this unique and valuable art form into our training curriculum to enhance and promote total body wellness and self preservation.