Capoeira is martial science and self defense hidden in dance. Created by enslaved Africans in Brazil, it is believed Capoeira was camouflaged as a dance to hide the fusion of dance, play, combat and music being used to uplift mind, body, and spirit from slave owners.  Today Capoeira is practiced by men, women, and children all over the world.  The performance aspect of this art form is electrifying!  The dances are culturally rich and entertaining and the music that encompasses every aspect of this art form is hypnotic!  TWE’s head instructor, Sule K. Welch (a.k.a Instructor Perne Longo) is an Instructor under the guidance of Contra-Mestre Muriel Ribeiro of Cordao De Ouro – Altnata / Volta Por Cima one of the most well known group names of Capoeira around the world and the first branch of Cordao De Ouro in Atlanta – established in 2006. Contact us to find out how The Welch Martial Art Experience – Fitness Concepts Empowering Life can help you ‘Become the Change You Seek’ today!