This Korean system combines concepts from Korean, Chinese, and Japanese art forms to create a coordinated method of self defense.  The principles focus on redirecting energy and force for defense, combination attacks, tools to improve balance and coordination, as well as the appropriate release of power.  Practitioners are introduced to ways to quickly apply devastating techniques for defense while exercising discipline and self-control. The Hapkido foundational elements applied in our curriculum have been researched, developed and taught by Mr. John K. Thomas (a Master teacher, motivator, leader and talented martial artist – i.e. fighter, teacher and competitor) founder of The United States Karate Center in Reston, VA and passed along to Sifu Welch for the benefit of all who choose The Welch Martial Art Experience – Fitness Concepts Empowering Life as a studio to experience their martial art journey…a decision we look forward to making with you!